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Oxin Tejarat Co as one of reliable bitumen manufacturer and exporter is incorporated in 2017, with headquarter in Tehran, Iran and Factory in Tehran.
oxin tejarat Co is producing different grades of bitumen and packing with capacity of 35,000MT per month, oxin tejarat Co follows the reliable standard factors (such as ASTM, EN, etc.). Moreover, oxin tejarat Co products own quality certificates from valid inspection companies like SGS, GEO CHEM & BV.
We strive for the best quality product and have never compromised on the quality, we assure that it meets customer requirement.
We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price. Currently we specialize in manufacturing, supply, exports as well as marketing & distribution of the high quality bitumen, oxin tejarat Co has adequate infrastructure and expert human resources and use modern equipment and technologies for production of bitumen.
oxin tejarat Co is equipped with the most modern production equipment. In addition, drum production unit of oxin tejarat Co packs the products according to the latest equipment updates and client’s requirements, 
The QC unit, located in oxin tejarat Co factory, tests and controls the quality of materials and products by means of up-to-date and accurate laboratory equipment.
We have exported Bitumen to different countries such as India, UAE, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ghana, South Africa etc.
Payment facility is available for customers’ banks around the world, with the highest level of security from oxin tejarat Company . We believe that our assets are our customers and their trust.