Having adequate infrastructure and expert human resources, we make use of modern equipment & advance technology for producing Bitumen and other products. Our manufacturing factory is located at Bandar Abbas, one of the prime locations in Iran which gives us access to port from where we can easily export our products to India, UAE, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania and worldwide.

Our Founding Principles

We are climbing ladders of success due to our strict adherence to our founding principles that are cited below-
  • Business ethics- We always follow our business operations on the grounds of morality so that no one can ever point a finger on us. 
  • Systematic- Our systematic working style always helps us timely complete our orders of Grade VG 20 Bitumen Viscosity and more on time.
  • Honesty- We have always been honest to our customers as we keep updating them with the status of their orders until they receive the products of their choice.
Distribution Network

We have been in this business line for over a couple of years now. Within this time period, we have build long lasting relations with many businesses entities all over the world. For delivering the ordered products on time, we have set up widespread distribution network to reach every nook and corner where our customers are present.

Our Employees

One of the greatest assets that we have is our employees. We have been able to set a strong foothold in this industry only because of the efforts of our employees that they put in to make our customers happy. Our employees do a lot for us; therefore, we also provide them positive work environment so that they can work without any stress and enhance their productivity without compromising on the quality of their work.


We have incorporated modern sales strategies in our business. Using these strategies, our sales executives aim to rise their daily sales targets of Grade 40-50 Bitumen Penetration and Grade VG 10 Bitumen Viscosity while helping our company hike their overall sales. Eventually, this has helped us make an annual turnover of USD 15 Million in the last financial year.

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